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Collagen for your skin: what makes it so effective?

A breakdown of collagen shots – what they are, how to use them, the benefits and whether or not they might be good for you!

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If you have been following the trends, you might have seen that collagen has been huge the past few years! You can find it in grocery stores, on menus as additions to your coffee or smoothie, in protein bars, butters and even desserts. There is a good reason why it is all over the place too, because it is great for you!

As a brief rundown, collagen is an important building block in our bodies. It’s the most abundant protein and can be found in your bones, muscles, muscle tendons, skin, the digestive system, and blood vessels. Collagen is also found in your hair and nails.

As we age, the production of collagen starts to slow down, so we need to replenish it. Supplementing with collagen can help improve your body’s collagen levels. This is where products like Colamag Bote, Swedish Nutra Collagen Shots & Encollagen come in!

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What are collagen shots?

Collagen shots are exactly how they sound – a shot of collagen! Each shot contains collagen in a tasty and portable liquid shot form. You can carry them in your purse, a gym bag and even through security at the airport.

Benefits of Collagen Shots

Collagen shots have all the benefits you know and love from collagen, plus additional function ingredients depending on the flavor. Some of the benefits of collagen include:

  • It is pure protein – helps build muscle and boosts the bodies ability to make protein from other amino acids, which is important in repairing muscle tissue
  • Increases your metabolism
  • May help reduce pain and prevent injury by strengthening joints and ligaments and helping them move easier
  • Aiding in the regeneration of muscle fibers and the production of connective scar tissue
  • Improves gut health
  • Improves liver health by helping with detoxification
  • Helps the look of our skin – helps keep it looking firm and gives it elasticity. It can help reduce cellulite, wrinkles, and stretch marks.
  • Collagen helps strength your nails and teeth
  • Helps keep hair growing and can prevent hair loss and thinning.

Are collagen shots right for me?

As always, this is a personal preference. I think collagen is a great addition to any diet and think everyone can benefit from taking it. Whether that is in powder form or from the shots, it is up to personal preference. I think the shots are a great way to change up your typical collagen consumption and to get in some additional functional vitamins and minerals depending on what you are looking for.

The only one negative I have about them is they are a bit expensive. That is the price you pay for a convenience item though!

Overall, collagen shots taste great, are portable and make an easy addition to your everyday life.

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