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ISDIN Fusion Water or Fusion Water Urban?

You must have wondered how is Fusion Water different from Fusion Water Urban. We will tell you what makes them unique and the common properties they share. Do you want to know?  Keep reading!

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Fusion Water Urban - the ideal photoprotection for urban environments

Fusion Water Urban is an ultralight water phase sunscreen specially formulated for daily use in urban environments. 

Fusion Water Urban provides reinforced protection against UVA and blue light. This protects the skin from oxidative damage induced by urban pollution and improves signs of skin fatigue. Your skin gets a luminous healthy appearance.

What we love about Fusion Water Urban

 ✓ Its formula contains an antioxidant that helps prevent spots caused by UVA radiation and blue light¹.

 ✓ Helps prevent damage caused by urban environmental pollution as it prevents the adhesion of pollution particles to the skin's surface.

 ✓ Improves signs of skin fatigue, provides luminosity and a healthy appearance.

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Fusion Water - the ideal photoprotection for outdoor activities

What we love about ISDIN Fusion Water
✓ Intensely hydrates the skin
✓ Absorbs instantly
✓ Its high protection SPF 50

What do they have in common?

The 2 products are part of the new generation of ISDIN 5 Star Daily Protection photoprotectors for daily use that optimally combine UV protection, excellent skin tolerance and reduced environmental impact. 

Both sunscreens share these characteristics:

They have an ultra-light texture that is immediately absorbed and leaves no white residue.

They are ideal for all skin types , including atopic or sensitive skin.

They are oil free and non-comedogenic.

They do not irritate the eyes.

They do not add color

 They are an ideal makeup base.

Its formula has the majority of biodegradable and/or inorganic ingredients.

What is the difference between Fusion Water and Fusion Water Urban?

Fusion Water Urban

It is designed to be used daily in urban environments: going to and from work, being in the office or at home, taking short walks around the city, etc. In these short but continuous exposures , the most important thing is not sunburn, caused by UVB radiation. In these cases, the most important thing is to prevent accumulated sun damage caused by UVA radiation, blue light and pollution , the main causes of photoaging of the skin and hyperpigmented spots. 

For this reason, Fusion Water Urban offers:

Reinforced protection against UVA and blue light. 

Anti-pollution and anti-fatigue action thanks to its antioxidant content.

High protection SPF 30.

The SPF number indicates the protection factor against UVB. According to the European regulation, for a sunscreen to guarantee protection against UVA radiation, it must offer a minimum UVA protection of 1/3 of the protection offered against UVB radiation. In the case of Fusion Water Urban , the sun protection factor against UVA is almost 3 times higher than the minimum required. Therefore, it has practically the same UVA protection as UVB.

 Fusion Water

It is designed to be used for prolonged outdoor exposure , such as playing sports or doing activities that require spending a lot of time outside: having a barbecue with friends, going to see a tennis match, being at the beach, etc. In these cases, we need to protect our skin, above all, from UVB radiation , which is what causes sunburn. Therefore, Fusion Water offers:

High protection SPF 50.

Intense hydration and immediate absorption.

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