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What is Skin Cycling? We decipher the latest beauty trend to take over TikTok!

With a cool 3.5 billion views on the hashtag, you must have heard of this word that is on the lips of all skinfluencers. This latest trend is just a rebranding of something that you may be doing already without even knowing it. 

The skin cycling trend is something that Dermatologists approve of. Want to know more? 

What is Skin Cycling?

The New York-based dermatologist behind the concept is Dr Whitney Bowe, who shared her vision for the ultimate skin cycling routine on TikTok.  Skin Cycling is a cycle of four night skincare routine that is repeated: the first night, exfoliation. The second, retinoids. The next two nights, rest and hydration. This cycle of four nights is repeated successively and can be complemented with your day routine.

What do we get with these four-day cycles? We help our skin barrier to recover.
Is it innovative? Not really! Surely many of you are already doing it without naming it! So what's the fuss about?

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We all love exfoliating products, retinoids, which really are very effective. Many times, we think that the more, the better. And that is not always the case. "For this reason, using a well-balanced cycle of active ingredients and rest is the key to the health of our skin. This is where skin cycling fits in. It is an easy way to organize our skin care nights, keeping our barrier strong and favoring the action of active ingredients.

“It is especially interesting in cases of skin sensitivity, or if we are not used to a routine with multiple ingredients that complement each other.” In the end, we must get used to our skin: no matter how effective the formulations are, the results will not come with a damaged barrier.

Keep reading and discover what a skin cycling routine would look like in 4 easy steps:


Night One - Exfoliation

On Night One we are talking about ingredients with exfoliating properties such as glycolic acid , which is one of the alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) best known for its renewing, smoothing and illuminating properties.

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The first night of the cycle, after cleansing and on dry skin, we would apply our exfoliant. We can complete the routine with other products such as eye contour, or night moisturizer. Just remember to leave the retinoids for the next day.


Night Two - Retinoids

Apply a retinoid after cleansing, on Night Two. Retinoid is the quintessential  anti-aging ingredient & when it comes to retinoids, remember that less is more. 

If you’re new to retinoids and skin cycling in general, begin by applying a hydrating cream to the sensitive areas of the face, like the area under your eyes, around the corners of the nose and on the marionette lines – to act as a buffer and prevent dryness and irritation.retinoids skin care

 Then, apply your retinoid over the whole face, down the neck and across the décolletage.

Retinoids should not be used by those who are pregnant or breastfeeding. You may experience adverse reactions if you have a sensitive skin, when using retinoid-based products.

Make sure you use sun protection during the day, in this phase.

Nights Three & Four - Rest & Hydration

Third and fourth night of the cycle involves rest and hydration. Your goal is to help regenerate and restore your skin's barrier. Do it hand in hand with products that have moisturizing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin or niacinamide, which will make your skin irresistibly juicy.

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After you go through the fourth night, repeat the cycle with exfoliation, and continue the cycles  throughout your week. According to Dr. Bowe, people with very oily skin may benefit from a three-day cycle, with just one night for rest and recovery before starting the cycle again with exfoliation.

Although it is based on a philosophy that many of us already follow, Skin cycling is a great way to organize your skin care routine.


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