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Why does everyone want to get their hands on CeraVe?

CeraVe skincare line has taken the social media by storm. No wonder retailers can hardly keep it on their shelves.....

If you are a skincare junkie with an instagram account, you would have probably come across a CeraVe product within your Instagram feed several times.
CeraVe has been the star of the online beauty scene on Instagram having exploded in popularity. However, despite it very much being categorised as a drugstore skincare line, getting your hands on a tub of their moisturizing cream can be more challenging than snagging a pair of limited edition Jordans. 

What Is CeraVe? 

CeraVe is an American skincare brand which was developed by dermatologists over 15 years ago and is currently owned by L’Oreal. For over a decade it could be found on drugstore shelves next to the likes of Cetaphil and Spectro skincare, often recommended by doctors to combat a variety of minor skin ailments such as acne breakouts, eczema and folliculitis. Overall, the entire line is rich in ceramides, which are fatty acids that help to maintain the skin’s barrier and overall health, while various products boast a number of different properties and ingredients in helping to target specific skin issues (such as retinols for anti-aging).

CeraVe Skincare

  CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser For Normal To Oily Skin

From salicylic acid cleansers to daily moisturizers, wrapped up in the most basic of packaging, the brand was relatively unknown until the past year when social media sensations discovered that CeraVe products actually works wonders – and started posting about it.

Why CeraVe?

The short answer? CeraVe products work wonders when it comes to combating the likes of breakouts and dry skin. Historically the brand has been very accessible, with a variety of international drugstore chains stocking the line – and at a price point that hovers between Dhs50-100, it’s relatively affordable.

With more people than ever before battling face mask-induced breakouts, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that beauty addicts are opting for a gentle yet effective line when it comes to caring for their complexion.

Where to get CeraVe in UAE?

We understand from first hand experience just how hard it can be to find CeraVe products within the region.

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Our advice?

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