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Bebederm Baby Wet Wipes Fragrance Free 72wipes Premium

Bebederm Baby Wet Wipes Fragrance Free 72wipes Premium

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Water wipes baby

These scented baby wipes are formulated with the use of purified water containing soapberry extract and a drop of fruit. These are used to treat allergic issues and eczema-based skin issues. Wipes are made with 99% of pure water. 

Simple and clean wet wipes

It is very hypoallergenic and does not contain sulfates or parabens. It is free from all harmful chemicals and ingredients that can cause allergic reactions. 

Perfect for

It is excellent for applying during diaper changes and cleansing the face, hands, and eye region of the baby. 

Baby wet wipes

It is best for cleaning up the baby’s skin, face, hands, and bottom. 

Best baby wipes

These baby wipes are useful for softly clearing up infants, babies, and premature babies. Bebederm baby wet wipes are best for the sensitive skin of babies. 

Plant-based fibers and ultra-soft wet wipes

These baby wipes are made up of plant-based fibers that are flexible enough to provide with soft sensation to wipes but also possess strength and resilience for cleaning up the baby’s mess. 

Moisturized and hydrated skin

Diaper wipes also contain cucumber, aloe, chamomile, and vitamin E in order to hydrate and cleanse the baby’s skin. It keeps the skin of babies hydrated for a long time and also prevents the skin from dryness. 

Wipes will stay moist.

This baby wipe is suitable for maintaining moisture and preventing dryness of the skin. The wipes will not dry for a long time as these are made with 99% of water. 

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