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Biolane Baby Detergent 750ml

Biolane Baby Detergent 750ml

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  • Hypoallergenic formula
  • Reduces the risk of irritation caused by detergent residue on laundry
  • Environmentally tested by Ecocert
  • Suitable for machine or hand washing
  • Extremely mild surfactants.


Wash baby clothes while being extremely gentle on baby€™s delicate skin.

Results: reduces the risks of irritation caused by detergent residue on laundry.

Specially designed to clean baby€™s laundry while protecting baby€™s fragile skin, its hypoallergenic* formula reduces the risks of irritation caused by detergent residue on laundry.

Extremely mild surfactants cleanse laundry completely, without irritating Baby€™s delicate skin.

It is easily biodegradable, it contains an active substance of plant origin and is perfume-free.

Environmentally tested by ECOCERT

Suitable for all textiles.

Directions of Use:

Hand wash: Pour one 30-ml capful into 4 liters of
water. Wash your hands after use.

Machine wash : Recommended dose for a 4 to 5-kgmachine (30°C water): 1 dose + ½ = 45 ml.
To respect the environment, use your washer fully loaded,
choose low-temperature washing cycles and follow the dosage

Ingredients:: 30% and more: water; less than 5%: non ionic surfactants; 5% or more but less than 15%: anionics surfactants; less than 5%: enzymes (protease amylase), preservative (sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, phenoxyethanol), also contains: glycerine, sequestrant, ph regulator, stabilisers, polyglyceryl-4 caprate, thickener, solvents, tocopherol, stabilisers.

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