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Braun Satin Hair Styler 1 HD130

Braun Satin Hair Styler 1 HD130

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Key Features

  • Multivoltage: for safe usage around the world
  • Foldable handle for compact storage and transportation
  • Infrared heating for efficient and fast drying
  • It enables safe usage of the product with consistent high performance around the world

Product Description

 Style&Go dryer is the smallest and lightest dryer of Braun's Style&Go, travel ready collection, perfect for shaping your style anywhere or giving great results on the go.The foldable handle makes for an extra compact, easy to store and portable product, that comes without compromise on performance or healthy-looking hair.Precise nozzle attachment and 2 temperature settings are built in for drying and styling flexibility.Multivoltage is a must-have addition for using this dryer when travelling. It enables safe usage of the product with consistent high performance around the world.

How to Use:

After towelling off wet hair, set your dryer on medium heat and high air speed. Blow hair until it's 80 percent dry. Gather the hair on top of your crown and secure it with a clip. Begin drying the lower layers with a brush, using more heat. Point the dryer nozzle downward to help smooth hair and create shine. Remove the clip and use it to hold the now-dry lower layers back and away. Blow-dry the top section. Aim at the roots to add volume, then work toward the ends, using the brush to pull hair forward and out. Remove the clip. Flip all hair back. Part and dry hair around the forehead

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