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Eveline Oh My Lips Liquid Matt Lipstick Contour Lip Liner No 03

Eveline Oh My Lips Liquid Matt Lipstick Contour Lip Liner No 03

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  • Rich in vitamin E and Moist-In Colour System complex, ensures optimal moisturisation level.
  • Long-lasting, 
  • Giving the make-up perfect, matt finish within few seconds.
  • The innovative contour lip liner with smooth, creamy formula allows for precise modelling 
  • Ideal enhancing the lip line as well as filling the contour with a colour. 

Eveline Oh My Lips Liquid Matt Lipstick &Contour Lip Liner No.03

Oh My Lips! is a set of perfectly matched make-up cosmetics: smooth matt lipstick and the same color lip liner.
The formula, rich in vitamin E and MOIST-IN COLOUR SYSTEM complex, ensures optimal level of moisturization.
The long-lasting, micro-pigmented lipstick formula provides the perfect opacity for hours.

The comfortable applicator guarantees even distribution of lipstick, giving perfect make-up, matt finish in seconds. The innovative formula, with a smooth, creamy formula, allows for precise modelling, perfect highlight of the lines and color contours. The set gives you instant access to a professional and lasting ”make-up” effect.

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