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Isdin Baby Naturals Gel Shampoo 400ml

Isdin Baby Naturals Gel Shampoo 400ml

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ISDIN Baby Naturals Gel Shampoo is a practical 2-in-1 product suitable for both hair and body. With 93% of ingredients of natural origin in its formula, this gel shampoo does not sting the eyes and can gently cleanse the skin without drying. With gentle cleansing ingredients, it can be used from day one of your baby's life and throughout the entire childhood. It contains Glycerin which has the ability to attract water and bind it to the skin. It not only keeps the skin hydrated but also helps restore the skin barrier enhancing the protection against external aggressors. But its star ingredient is the Helichrysum italicum extract. Able to calm, hydrate, and also soothe the skin, this ingredient leads to more resilient skin helping reduce signs of discomfort, redness, and sensitivity. All in all, this soothing formula can gently cleanse, hydrate, and soothe the skin leaving it soft and supple.

How to use

Apply ISDIN Baby Naturals Gel Shampoo to the baby's damp skin and gently massage to create a lather. Then thoroughly rinse. It can be used on both hair and body.


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