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Lovi Dyn Soother Silicone 0-2m 2pcs My Little Love Boy

Lovi Dyn Soother Silicone 0-2m 2pcs My Little Love Boy

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  • Super light

  • Small shields adapted to newborns lips

  • Does not disturb the suckling reflex

  • Prevents the teat chewing reflex

  • Enables free breathing and swallowing of saliva

  • Does not disturb the natural development of speech and occlusion


  • Dynamic nipple: Made of heterogenous silicone layer, it elongates and contracts according to baby's suckling rhythm. Teat's symmetrical shape reflects breast nipple shape.
  • Small, light shield: Adapted to a newborn€™s mouth. Contoured shape enables the child to breathe through the nose all the time. Safe materials without bisphenol A.
  • Shield holes: Enable free flow of air and prevent the baby skin from irritating.
  • Glowing in the dark handle: Facilitates gripping and giving the soother to the baby. In versions with white ring, it glows in the dark which makes it easy to find.
  • Hygienic cover: Prevents the teat from staining.
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