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Medee Derma Roller 0.50mm

Medee Derma Roller 0.50mm

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Medee Derma Roller is a non-invasive skin, safe and easy to use at home roller that beautifies your skin and stimulates it to retain its elasticity

- Microneedles are made of titanium which resists rust and corrosion.
- Improves skin tone.
- Increases vitamin C absorption and other products
- Reduces wrinkles and finelines
- Tightens loose/sagging skin
- For extrernal use only.

How To Use:
- Disinfect the derma roller before and after use.
- Clean the area of the skin that is going to be in contact with the micro needles.
- Roll the device gently back and forward 5-4 times in each direction.
- Use 2-3 time per week.
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