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Olbas Oil Inhalant Decongestant 28ml

Olbas Oil Inhalant Decongestant 28ml

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Olbas Oil Inhalant Decongestant 28ml provides immediate relief For Catarrh, Colds and Sinuses. Olbas is a mixture of essential pure plant oils originated in Switzerland for relief of bronchial and nasal congestion and hayfever by inhalation, and for symptomatic relief of muscular pain by application to the skin. Non greasy.

Olbas Oil is a completely natural essential oil formula that delivers invigorating and soothing sensations to the nasal and bronchial areas Olbas Oil has long been a household name that families reach for when suffering from seasonal distress and related discomforts Runners, cyclists and other sports enthusiasts praise the value of Olbas Oil helps loosen muscles and make them supple, while inhaling Olbas vapors may help support endurance and performance.

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