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Pampers Pants S5 22s

Pampers Pants S5 22s

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The sight of your little one wriggling and rolling in laughter is as adorable as it gets, but while changing diapers its another story. That is where Pampers Pants come in: with just one pull to put it on, your baby can now play and move around freely with minimum interruptions. Pampers Pants now come with revolutionary wetness-absorbing technology that helps distribute wetness evenly into 3 Extra Absorb Channels and locks it away, so they do not clump like other diapers. Additionally, the Micro Pearls lock wetness inside, offering up to 12 hours of dryness to help your baby sleep soundly all night. Made of breathable, cotton-like materials, Pampers Pants also feature flexible waistband and a soft belt and cuffs to provide even more comfort and fit. Make changing time quick and easy with Pampers Pant

3 absorbing channels, Breathable soft belt and cuffs, Provide even more comfort and fit, With absorbent micro pearls, Locks away the wetness, Has flexible

How to use:
3 easy steps to use pull on, tear off the sides, roll to dispose. Pants crafted with a soft & stretchy belt and leg cuffs that adapt to baby's movements for a gentle fit, Feather-like soft materials for Pampers' gentlest touch on skin.

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