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Pigeon Teether Fruit

Pigeon Teether Fruit

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Pigeon Teether is specially designed to stimulate baby's senses and natural development. It is part of the development and a natural reflex for babies to put things in their mouths. Some babies may also experience the discomfort of teething. Pigeon Fruit Teethers help to ease babies' discomfort by providing them something to chew on. These connectable Fruit Teethers are not only for fun, but they can also help stimulate babies senses. The soft elastic part is best for delicate gums and new teeth. Pigeon Fruit teethers can be used individually or in pairs.

Stimulates the development of baby's mouth and fingers
Ideal shape for baby to chew and grasp
May be used as educational tool for babies to recognize fruits
Translucent material to monitor water level in teether
Filled with tested sterilized water and is completely safe for baby.

How to use:
Before each use, wash in soapy water
Rinse thoroughly in clean water
Do not boil, steam or microwave sterilize. Do not freeze.
Always use this product under adult supervision
Check before use and replace immediately if torn or worn out.


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