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Puritan's Pride Cod Liver Oil 100s

Puritan's Pride Cod Liver Oil 100s

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The health Benefits of both fish oil and cod liver oil come from their high levels of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids support many body systems and may prevent a number of ailments. The human body cant make its own omega-3 fatty acids, which is why you need to include them in your diet.Cod liver oil, as the name implies, comes from the livers of codfishes. Atlantic cod and Pacific cod are most commonly used to make cod liver oil.Cod liver oil contains high levels of EPA and DHA as well as vitamins A and D. Many of the Benefits of cod liver oil are believed to be from its powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Lower inflammation all over the body
reduce painTrusted Source associated with arthritis
reduce anxietyTrusted Source and depressionTrusted Source
promote healthy fetal brain functionTrusted Source and eyesight
maintain bone densityTrusted Source
lower risksTrusted Source of type 1 diabetes when used in pregnancy and in newborns
support a healthy immune system
prevent upper respiratory illnessTrusted Source
lower triglyceridesTrusted Source in blood.

How to use:
Take 1-2 Capsule everyday after meal.

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