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Similac Gold 2 HMO 400g

Similac Gold 2 HMO 400g

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Similac Gold 2 HMO 400g helps to strengthen the immune system of the body.

Similac Gold 2 HMO 400g contributes to the growth of friendly bacteria (probiotics).

Similac Gold 2 HMO 400g is easy to digest

Similac Gold, stage 2 for children from 6 to 12 months. Children are born with an integrated immune system but are unable to function fully. After birth, the immune system is forced, for the first time, to cope with the various new pathogens. Therefore, we developed Similac Gold: the formula of children's food, which is a scientific breakthrough in the composition of children's food thanks to the HMO formula. HMO forms one-third of the mother's milk formula (among the solids) and contributes to the development of a stronger and healthier immune system for the kids.

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