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Sunsilk Conditioner Soft and Smooth 350ml

Sunsilk Conditioner Soft and Smooth 350ml

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Say goodbye to coarse and dry hair! Sunsilk Soft and Smooth Conditioner, co-created by dry & damaged hair expert Thomas Taw, contains Argan oil and Babasu oil. It seamlessly locks in the moisturized feel of your hair and gently cleanses the roughest hair, giving your hair a silky look and amazing soft feel. After shampooing, apply conditioner especially to the hair ends, and leave it on for one minute before you wash it off. Share the love! Leave a review for Sunsilk Soft and Smooth Conditioner.

Apply After Shampoo in every wash. Apply on Hair Ends and don't use Hair Roots. Wait for 1 min. and Rinse well. For better Results, use the range of the product variant.

Safety warnings
In case of contact with Eyes, Rinse thoroughly with water.
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