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Vichy Dercos Aminexil Clinical 5 Men 21

Vichy Dercos Aminexil Clinical 5 Men 21

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Vichy Aminexil Clinical 5 for Men (pack size: 21 x 6 ml) supports natural hair growth in men, making hair denser and more resistant. A unique combination of Aminexil, the reference molecule against hair loss with clinically proven effects, with 4 additional active ingredients for a comprehensive effect.

  • Strengthens the anchoring in the scalp
  • Reduces hair loss within 6 weeks. Stimulation by the massage applicator.
  • Strengthens the hair fibres, making them more resistant.
  • Reduces micro-imbalances of the scalp and strengthens its resistance.
  • Results in thicker and more resistant hair with a reinforced scalp.


  • Based on a consumer test with 102 men and women it should be use daily for 6 weeks
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